Tim Christensen


How long is a Session?

It takes about 20 minutes per plate. On pop up days please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early so I can give you the best possible experience.

How much does it cost?

For pop-up sessions

4X5 = $70

5X7 = $100

8X10 = $200

High resolution digital scan of your image = $20

Contact me for other pricing, including events or onsite photographs

How many people can you shoot at once?

Due to the limitations and size restrictions, I can only shoot up to 2 people for a 4x5 plate, 3 people for 5x7 plate, and 5 people for 8X10. The depth of field is very shallow making it more difficult to obtain a sharp focus for all subjects. That being said–I'm always up for an experiment.

How many pictures do you take?

This is a one time deal. The cost is per plate and I shoot one plate at a time. Once a plate is exposed the image is already fixed to the plate. No filters, no photoshop, just a unique moment caught in time.

My Image is not perfect?

Yes. This is an imperfect process. You not only get a record of the people in the picture but of the chemical process. Differences in temperature, light, and the fact that it is all done by hand make each image one of a kind.

What if I’m not happy with how the image turned out? Will you re-shoot?

Generally no, This process is immediate and there are no filters or post-process fixes. If you are not happy with the way you look when taking selfies you may find these images challenging,

I will re-shoot at no extra cost if:

  • -The picture does not meet my high standards. I don’t want to put bad images out into the world, or
  • -I really screwed up.

When will I get my photograph?

You will see what it looks like immediately after your shoot. However, typically photographs are ready for pick up the following day. The plates need to be dried, carefully heated, and varnished to protect silver from tarnishing. If being shipped, allow more time for the varnish to cure fully (about 5 days). Once completed these will never fade and outlast all other photographs.

Can I use my image for personal use?

Please do! You can use your portrait for Christmas cards, personal prints for family members, and for anything that isn’t commercially reproduced.

Can I use my image for commercial use?

With permission, yes. Like with any photographer, licensing fees apply and vary depending on the use of the image. Contact me to discuss rates.

What should I wear?

  • Textures that work well for tintype: plaid, tweed, argyle, polka dot, gingham, animal prints, etc. The more contrast in your garment, the better.

  • Jewelry and bling capture the light really well as do sparkly garments. Fur/faux fur pieces also look great.

  • WHAT TO AVOID: Clothing with any sort of lettering (as they will appear backwards in the final photograph).

  • WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND: Anything red will appear black and blue garments will look white/light gray in color. So for example, wearing a black and red plaid shirt will mostly look black and wearing a blue shirt with a white jacket will look mostly white.

  • Feel free to wear a costume or dress up in your finest attire. Wear what you feel your absolute best in.

Most of the time photos will be headshots/medium shots, so you don't need to worry terribly much about the bottom half of your wardrobe.

If you plan on wearing makeup, I would recommend applying it a little heavier than normal since this process is highly detailed. Freckles, sunspots, and scars are more pronounced in this process; however I believe this is what gives you true character.