Tim Christensen





Photography in science seeks to become transparent. The specimen becomes the only subject. The only objective truth. We pretend that the scientist does not exist. In reality the act of photographing is subjective, always. These wet plate collodion images (8X10) are a collision of the scientific and the chaotic. The unpredictable chemistry and hand of the scientist/artist reveal the truth of subjectivity.

Elkhorn Stage beetle

Long Horn Beetle

Saber Toothed Long Horn Beetle

Acorn Weevil

Dung Beetle

Hairy Necked Tiger Beetle

Long Horned Flower Beetle

Rove Beetle

Patent Leather Beetle

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

Latrine fly

Eyed Click Beetle

Luna Moth

Harlequin Beetle

Mole Cricket

Blue Carpenter Bee